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Ransom Riggs book signing event at Fullybooked

Because I couldn’t get enough of meeting Ransom yesterday, I decided to go to his signing today too. I went early and this time was #31 in line. I finished Miss Peregrine’s last night, which was such an incredible and an amazing story. I told Ransom this, and he commented that I was such a fast reader. He also defaced my book!! Excuse me if that makes me happy. Really, Ransom was so awesome today. He read a chapter from his book and then patiently answered the interview questions his curious fans had. He was funny and totally cool. No regrets at all coming to the signing today even though I already met him yesterday! I met new people and some nerdfighters too which was nice. It’s been a blissful weekend for me. I hope more authors come to the Philippines soon!! :)

PS: B&W photos just to feel the vibe of Ransom’s book haha. Oh and notice that I had two books signed? I’m planning to do a giveaway so watch out!!

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